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Our mission is to raise awareness of childhood brain cancer and also raise funds that will go directly towards childhood brain cancer research.
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We Were Never Alone



Today at work, my coworker I haven’t seen in a while, walked up to me and gave me a big hug “So sorry. Diagnosis day.” I was taken aback, as most people try not to mention days that are or can be difficult for me. I normally don’t show emotion at work (put on that happy face and all) and not much of a hugger. Yet I caught myself molding into her and really feeling her emotion toward me of how significant that day is. I truly appreciated her words and action. I began thinking about the people that surround me, that surround my family. I realized I allowed my fog and depression to blind me. I was completely aware and appreciative of everything people have done for us, but I don’t think the full depth of it really sunk in.



The friend who listened quietly while I sobbed on the phone after Madox’s diagnosis. I barely said anything. She quietly stayed on the line allowing me to cry.


My old coworkers organizing a food drive during Madox’s battle so we didn’t have to worry about cooking.


My friend showing up at midnight without me asking, to help me suction Madox as I was panicking I couldn’t get his secretions clear.


Our friend bringing a basket of food to the ICU for us, to ensure we had something on hand to snack on so we didn’t need to leave Madox.


My in-laws who were feeling helpless and broken, cooking for us and tending to Valin so Marco and I could concentrate on Madox’s care.


Blankets and pillows made from photos of our family.


Artwork of our boys, to hang proudly on our wall.


A breast cancer fighter and her husband rallying with us to bring awareness and raise funds for DIPG, all while she was fighting her own cancer battle.


A momma fighting leukemia and a bone marrow transplant but found the strength and time to join our events and even tried baking for our bake sale.


My group of friends who continually invite me to outings, and never get annoyed or angry with me when I cancel last minute.


Masters at Tactical TaeKwondo presenting Madox with a black belt for bravery during his battle.


Neighbour donating her commissions of her small business to Madox’s Warriors every September.


The many moms of children who were in Madox’s grade/class I never knew until after he died. I feel the love and connection from this amazing group, which saddens me I didn’t get to know them when I was my original self. They surround us with unwavering support.


Children we know and don’t know, donating their birthday money to Madox’s Warriors. Feeling the connection to want to help our cause.


The family who we connected with due to both our children battling brain cancer at the same time. They don’t shy away from saying Madox’s name, for fighting for our cause, and sending me uplifting messages when they know I am having a difficult time.


The repeat participants at many of our events. The list goes on and on and on.


I have always seen you, but I finally fully see you. I always thought we were alone in Madox’s fight. Now I see I secluded myself into thinking we were in this alone. I lost myself, broken and angry. I did not recognize myself, so it was difficult for me to recognize the love around us.  I am feeling everyones embrace. Thank you for standing by us, and sharing your light.



Black belt presented by Tactical TaeKwondo









March 7



5 years today. 5 years ago today we heard those words no parent wants to hear. 5  years ago we met a murderer, and it was attacking our son.


No length of time will soften the hurt. We will forever remember that day, that specific moment. That walk down the bright hospital hallway. The look on the doctors faces. The dread in my heart. The words…. oh those devastating words.


The day of diagnosis will always hang over our heads. The memories. The life changing word. The immediate loss felt.


Some will say 5  years is a long time. A parent who has buried their child will say it’s too long. Time changes very little. It certainly does not heal all wounds.


My heart is very heavy with all the memories flashing in and out of my mind. I wish I could have prevented this. I wish I could have saved you.


Tired but still smiling. Right eye was already turning in, we now notice here

4th Annual Superhero Run to Fight Childhood Brain Cancer


Our 4th Run was held on September 8 and was another great time!

Seeing so many event individual and team/family participants from our community and new supporters come dressed up is amazing!


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Volunteers that came out on Saturday for the event and helped make the event a great day! We could not do this without you! It is great to see this event continue as an all ages event and we love to see kids come out and participate or volunteer with their parents!
We also want thank all the individual and teams who pledged for funds and helped us achieve our goal!


We have all of the pictures on our Facebook page in three folders for viewing,








We have been campaigning for over two years to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to get specialty plates in the province for childhood cancer. Initially rejected in 2018, the campaign has been reborn through a recent push in social media through the childhood cancer community and also several local news outlets.


On February 8 we had a call with MPI regarding the Childhood Cancer licence plates. They informed us that they are APPROVING our submission for Childhood Cancer Awareness plates. We are completely shocked they changed their minds but thrilled they did!


Manitoba will be the only province in Canada with specialty plates for childhood cancer!


Links to the news articles are below.

January 25 – CTV News


February 8 – CBC News


February 8 – CTV News Update



Why are these plates important for us and other childhood cancer families? It represents our children’s fight. It represents support and hope. It promotes awareness. But mostly, it honours our children fighting or who have fought.


Thank you to all the parents and families for sending in emails of their families story to the MPI representative. Thank you for everyones support in this drive. We will keep you posted on the process as it unfolds.


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