FNLast week we were able to make our second donation on behalf of Madox’s Warriors!


Funding Neuro received a donation of

$15,000 CND in order to support Professor Gill’s CED trial and research. We are passionate about this treatment as we feel it will be the way brain tumours will be treated and cured in the future. If it can help  DIPG, a tumour that grows in the most delicate and deadly area, than it is bound to help other children with other brain cancers (like GBM).


One day we would love to meet Professor Gill, the staff, and see the facility. Bristol is a bit too far for us right now. We are eager to have this treatment be adopted throughout the world so families don’t have to move to the UK to save their child’s life, although many of us would in a heartbeat.


Thank you again to all our Warriors for your support and donations this year. Hoping next year will be bigger and better.


You can learn more about Funding Neuro at http://fundingneuro.com/ or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fundingneuro/