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Did I Love You Enough?



Did I love you enough

While you were on earth with me?

It was for only 9 years, I thought I had more time

Mistakes that I’d made, no time to improve.



Did I love you enough

for you to feel it and know it?

To know I will come if you need me

And feel so safe when I was with you



Did I love you enough

While we cuddled up close?

Laying soft kisses on your forehead

And my arms round your body



Did I love you enough

By telling you so.

I love you’s when we left each other,

I love you’s when you went to bed



Did I love you enough

At times my heart questions it

It aches and hurts,

Thinking you may not have known



Did I love you enough

As guilt and sadness take over my mind

Thinking how I should have done things different

Done more, loved more, listened more



You are my love, you are my life

I loved you more than my own

But did you know that is how I felt?

I will never know if you felt loved enough



Did I love you enough?




2006 Snuggles and kisses from my one year old

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