DIPG Warriors

Madox Suzio     .     Winnipeg, MB

 March 30, 2005     .     August 8, 2014

Madox was an active, goofy, happy little guy. He was always jumping around and laughing at just about anything. Madox was so creative, filling our walls and fridge door with all his artwork he was so proud of. Madox was an absolute snuggle bug and would take snuggling on the couch with his parents, then sleeping over at a friend house any day. He LOVES his family, and told us everyday.

August 8th 2014 will always be a terrible day as Madox took his last breath surrounded by his family. Madox was only 9 years old. Watching Madox fight to breathe, to stay alive, will forever be etched into our minds.  We miss him dearly and will never ever forget the happiness he gave us all.








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Madox’s Warriors Inc. is a Non-Profit Charitable Foundation
created in honour of Madox Suzio