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DOB: 20 October 2015

DX day: 20 February 2022

Craniectomy/ Biopsy: 17 May 2022

Shayan is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in China. Shayan was regularly going to school with his twin brother when suddenly he experienced partial facial palsy, drooling, irregular gate, and pain in the back of his neck in the early morning for a few minutes. Soon we took him to neurologist who suggested immediate MRI through which he was diagnosed with brainstem glioma on February 20, 2022 in Pakistan. As no biopsy or operation facility for brainstem glioma is available in Pakistan,  we had to try very hard to reach neighboring China despite strict quarantine restrictions and limited air travel to China due to Covid 19. We reached China successfully where his craniectomy and biopsy took place. Currently he’s undergoing radiotherapy and chemo and trying to get back to his normal life. 

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