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Hazel Perron

Winnipeg, MB

It was February 16, 2022 when I looked over at my beautiful 6-year-old daughter Hazel struggling to chew her happy meal. Her eyes were crossed. I loaded her into the van and drove to the Children’s hospital absolutely terrified. My worst fears came true when the doctor took me to another room and told me the CT showed a mass in Hazel’s brain. The neurosurgeon said they needed more info from an MRI, but if it is what he thinks it is; its really bad. 
It turned out to be the worst case scenario, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). We set out on a very different path than we thought our lives would take, one filled with doctors appointments, radiation therapy, MRIs, needle pokes, and trips to the USA for experimental treatment. 
Hazel has been battling courageously for 15 months and counting. 
Hazel is our first born of two daughters. Hazel and Violet are just over 2 years apart and are the best of friends. She is a compassionate girl who loves nothing more than to give to others. She’s always baking with her grandma and offering the treats to guests. She likes art and playing cards.She is such a kind and generous soul, wise beyond her years.  

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