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Today is Madox’s birthday. He should be here celebrating his 11th with us.


Our sweet little Madox joined our family early morning on March 30th. He was 3 weeks early, but full of energy. Your dad and I loved you so much as soon as we saw you. We couldn’t take our eyes off you. Even Valin, only 14 months, couldn’t stop kissing you. You completed our family and it was perfect.


You were always so happy, with that cheeky smile on you. Always helping others and treating everyone the same. You taught me how to laugh, and how to love. Oh your love, it enveloped me. I miss those arms wrapped around me. You loved us with your entire self and I thank you for that.


It shatters our hearts that you are no longer with us. We only got 9 birthdays with you. There is no sense in that. None! I wish I could be celebrating your 11th birthday with you. We hurt every day in what should be. We love you and will always miss you.




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