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Sharing secrets with a 5 year old


We always love to reminisce about happy times and memories we had with Madox and as a family. Since Christmas is fast approaching, one particular memory still makes us laugh when we think about it. Valin will even quote Madox at times.


I had purchased Marco’s Christmas present and was going to hide in my room to wrap it without the boys, as I usually did. Madox and Valin asked what I got him.


Me: If I tell you, you can’t tell daddy what it is. It has to be a surprise for Christmas

Boys: We won’t tell him. Please tell us


So I sat them down next to me and pulled out the gift. They helped me wrap it, place a bow on top and put it safely under the tree. That same day I was preparing dinner, and dad came home from work. The boys ran up to greet dad as they always did and Madox had a big smile on his face.


Madox: Daddy you have a new present under the tree.

Valin: Yea daddy, come feel how heavy it is.

Dad sat down, picked up the gift and made gruffing and huffing noises as it was SO heavy.

Madox: You are going to love that drill daddy

Valin: MADOX!!!!!! Moooooooom! Madox told daddy you got him a drill

Me: WHAT?!?! OMG Madox. Dad has been home a whole 2 seconds!

Marco laughing and telling Madox he shouldn’t have told him because now it won’t be a surprise.

Madox: That’s okay daddy. I didn’t tell you it was yellow.



To this day, when someone tells a secret, or screws up about a present, we will quote Madox about how it’s okay because they don’t know a specific detail.  It is just too funny. Gawd I miss that boy.


2010 Christmas





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