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Thank you and Happy Birthday Kallan Kujanpaa



Madox had many friends; boys and girls. Always going out of his way for other children who are alone or shy or new.


I still remember Madox coming home from school one day telling us about a boy named Kallan who just arrived new to his school and class. They seemed to bond pretty quickly in class and Madox told me “He’s new mom. So I told him I’ll be his friend so he doesn’t have to be bored”. Well, it didn’t take too long before Kallan made many friends in that school.


A few weeks ago, Kallan celebrated his 10th birthday. Instead of presents, he asked for a monetary donation to support Madox’s Warriors. Our hearts are warmed when children are empathetic and want to make a change in this world.


Kallan Kujanpaa, thank you. Thank you for being Madox’s buddy and thank you for your amazing donation and support.

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