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June 17, 2015


What a day! Just returned from my boy’s school where we had the pleasure of meeting all the kids from the group Looms 4 Life today.


What an amazing group of kids! Truly KIDS HELPING KIDS

They made over 400 loom bracelets to sell to classmates and staff over the lunch hour on May 1st. They raised $534.15 in one hour for Madox’s Warriors.


$200 of that was donated by Trae East, a good friend of Madox and Valin. He collected money instead of birthday presents and then donated it all to Looms 4 Life for Madox’s Warriors.

Also while we were there, a pair of siblings handed me a baggie full of money (Kaiden bottom left and Krisanna bottom right). Their mom told us they save up money every year for a charity and they decided to donated to Madox’s Warriors this year. Between the two of them, they donated over $125.


We are honoured to accept these donations from some wonderful children. Their parents must be so proud of their empathy and compassion. Thank you!
P.S. I love the blue theme going on in the photo


Looms 4 Life

Looms 4 Life

Bottom row: Kaiden, Logan, Mackenna, Grace, Ashley, Brooklyn, Ericka, Krisanna


Top row:  Mr. Charney (Vice-Principal), Denise (helped organize the group), Valin, Marco, Connor, Suzanne, and Ms. Haworth (Principal)


DIPG Warriors

Children that are fighting or lost the battle against DIPG.

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