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Our mission is to raise awareness of childhood brain cancer and also raise funds that will go directly towards childhood brain cancer research.
All donations are greatly appreciated!

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Today at the Manitoba Legislative Building, we witnessed the passing of Bill 209.


MANY local cancer families were in attendance and applauded the passing of Bill 209 — The Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Act in Manitoba.

Marking September as a golden month now in Manitoba!

Our children are important, and it fills my heart to know we are now supported by our own government.


Thank you to Dana Wood, who has been speaking to her MLA in Lac du Bonnet regarding this idea. Dana still fights for children and families battling cancer, even with a broken heart. Her beautiful daughter Darah fought valiantly against Ewing’s Sarcoma, but died in 2013. Childhood cancer is NOT rare!

Thank you to MLA Wayne Ewasko of Lac du Bonnet for listening to Dana’s story and moving forward to ensuring this bill was not only heard but passed.


You can see Wayne on the far right. And I (Suzanne) am, obviously, standing tall behind Madox’s photo. [apologies voir the poor photo quality]


bill 209

Thank you Ericka


We have pretty awesome Warriors fighting DIPG with us!

Ericka Small is a sweet young lady who donated her First Communion money to Madox’s Warriors. Proof there are beautiful people in all religions.


We are touched by your love and kindness Ericka. Thank you



Thank you to our Superhero Run Sponsors


We are roughly 8 weeks out from our 2nd annual Superhero Run to fight Childhood Brain Cancer and we are so appreciative of the sponsors that have committed to support us so far this year!
We have some repeat sponsors from last year and some new ones as well.


24-7 Intouch                                      Iron Man sponsor
Lehigh Cement                                  Wolverine sponsor
Kelleher Ford Sales                           Wolverine sponsor
Subterranean Ltd.                              Spider-Man sponsor
Trottier Piling                                     Spider-Man sponsor
Discovery Automotive Centre              Spider-Man sponsor
dconstruct jewelry                              Spider-Man sponsor


If anyone knows of any other companies or individuals that would be interested in supporting us a race sponsor please pass our info along or let us know and we can forward our sponsor request letter on.


Thanks again to these sponsors for committing their support to us and we hope we can count on your continued support for this event annually!