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We have been campaigning for over two years to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to get specialty plates in the province for childhood cancer. Initially rejected in 2018, the campaign has been reborn through a recent push in social media through the childhood cancer community and also several local news outlets.


On February 8 we had a call with MPI regarding the Childhood Cancer licence plates. They informed us that they are APPROVING our submission for Childhood Cancer Awareness plates. We are completely shocked they changed their minds but thrilled they did!


Manitoba will be the only province in Canada with specialty plates for childhood cancer!


Links to the news articles are below.

January 25 – CTV News


February 8 – CBC News


February 8 – CTV News Update



Why are these plates important for us and other childhood cancer families? It represents our children’s fight. It represents support and hope. It promotes awareness. But mostly, it honours our children fighting or who have fought.


Thank you to all the parents and families for sending in emails of their families story to the MPI representative. Thank you for everyones support in this drive. We will keep you posted on the process as it unfolds.


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